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Shortcuts: Track 1

8 Sep

Throughout this year Paper Road Press has been publishing a series of novella sized e-books, one of which was my very own Pocket Wife. In November the full collection will be coming out in print, titled Shortcuts Track 1.

Meanwhile, it’s now available to pre-order. Pre-ordering is an excellent thing to do because (a) it’s a bit cheaper, and (b) there’s only going to be limited print run made – so get in quick and order your book! HERE!

Paper Road Press are also running two pre-order competitions. Either pre-order the book through Paper Road Press directly (that was the “HERE!” link above) or pre-order from Amazon and be in the draw to win a $50 book / Amazon voucher.


I can’t wait to get my own copy of this collection as I’m very eager to read the other stories, written by some of New Zealand’s best speculative fiction authors. I also think the cover art is fantastic, and am stoked to see the pile of legs beneath the “Madam Bellarina’s” sign – which are taken from my story.

And here’s the full collection that will be published in this book:

brees-dinosaur_cover-drafts ghost-of-matter_cover_med landfall_cover_2 mika_cover the-last_coverpocket-wife_cover_medium_web


Pocket Wife

30 Jun

I am extremely pleased to now be able to announce that my novella Pocket Wife is now available to purchase on-line as an e-book.

Published through Wellington’s indie Paper Road Press, it is the fourth edition of SHORTCUTS, a series of six locally-written novellas, coming out each month. You can buy mine at both Amazon and Kobo, or subscribe to get the whole the series for only $3.33 NZD per month.



Carl’s work requires him to travel extensively, but he and his wife Jenny stay connected through their Tinys – four-inch-tall replicas of themselves which, when turned on, transmit whatever sensory information they are receiving directly into their living counterparts’ minds. Through his Tiny, which Jenny keeps close beside her in Auckland, Carl can see his wife, speak to her, even feel her touch. But when Jenny’s Tiny malfunctions and she can’t turn herself off, Carl has a major problem. He’s having an affair, and he’d rather his wife wasn’t around.

And if that’s not enough to convince to go running (er, through the internet) to your nearest e-book emporium, why not read this  free excerpt?

I also want to make a shout out to the artist Irene González Frizzera for the awesome cover art. It’s kinda freaky, no?


Pocket Wife

28 Mar

When you’ve worked really hard on a piece of writing for a very long time, it’s an amazing feeling knowing it’ll be published some time in the near future. And why not celebrate early?


My piece ‘Pocket Wife’ will be part of Paper Road Press‘s Shortcuts Series, a collection of six stand-alone e-book novellas, launched in 2015. Written by New Zealand authors, the somewhat twisted and unusual stories all link back to New Zealand in some way…

The full series will be available to purchase for only $20, or individual titles at $3.50 a piece. Watch this space – as they say – for more info in the months to come.