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Auckland Street Art

11 Apr

In the dwindling light of afternoon I set off with my camera to capture some of the new street art that has suddenly popped up within my neighbourhood (the streets surrounding K Rd, Auckland). In the space of only a few blocks I found seven murals either newly finished or mid-creation.  I don’t know if it’s a new council initiative or what? Are there more to come? (I hope so). I’m not overly fond of drab concrete walls, so if there’s a mural-movement going on then I’m all for it.


At the bottom of Mercury Lane. A crowd had gathered…


On Upper Queen Street. I think this is awesome.


Also on Upper Queen, not quite finished. Not entirely sure what it is, either? Can anyone help me here?


Poynton Terrace.


Is this new? I really like it. Also Poynton Terrace.


Pitt Street, next to the Methodist Church.

I saw this one being finished up today – on East St, against the wall of the needle exchange.


I did a quick search to find out something (anything) about the increase of street art in the area, but came up with nothing. I’d be keen to find out what it’s all about / who the artists are, if anybody knows.