Pocket Wife


Carl’s work requires him to travel extensively, but he and his wife Jenny stay connected through their Tinys – four-inch-tall replicas of themselves, which, when turned on, transmit whatever sensory information they are receiving direction into their living counterparts’ minds. Through his Tiny Carl can see his wife, speak to her, even feel her touch. But when Jenny’s Tiny malfunctions and she cannot turn herself off, Carl has a major problem. He’s having an affair, and he’d rather his wife wasn’t around.

Paper Road Press, 2015

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In a World Full of Birds 


Ben’s body keeps replicating each month, and it’s a hell of a mess disposing of his old body each time. Now he’s waiting for the the police to arrive, and he knows he has to prove himself innocent against charges of murder.

Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction II (anthology)
Random Static, 2013

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