A poem

I am…

a guitarist, a mother, a sister and writer,
a cyclist, a recyclist,
an anti-capitalist, part-time nine to fiver.

a  divorcee, a fraudster, a loaner, a daughter,
a singer, a composer,
a once South Islander, now an Aucklander.

a performer, a Kiwi, a food intolerant control freak,
a scrawny, tattooed laundry lady,
a Doctor Who and Star Trek geek.

a tree-hugging, animal loving, globe trotting petition signer,
a proud and stubborn daydreamer,
(though I’m the household toilet cleaner).

a (wannabe) pianist, a grandchild, aunt, and chilli addict,
a yoga enthusiast, crossword-churner,
a pot plant gardening, whiskey drinker.

a cynic, a pessimist, a skeptical idealist,
a touch typing vegan,
a left-wing environmentalist.

an agoraphobic, epileptic, introverted Scrabble Master,
a logical host and parasite,
a thirty-something, three times graduate.

a know it all, soup specialist, a scoliotic citizen,
a city-dwelling nervous wreck,
an obsessive perfectionist, scholarship recipient.

an amateur photographer, a list-writing, Facebooking underweight,
a dirty-blond committee member,
an agnostic blogger and herbivorous neighbour.

a consequentialist metaphysicist, a rock’n’roll gig goer,
a mammal, a mortal, a mum, a middle child,
a buyer, a seller, a self-obsessed poet.

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