In the past 2 years…

20 Mar

I’m pretty hopeless at keeping my own website updated. I was prompted to look at it just now when answering a questionnaire from the publisher of my most recently accepted poem, the last question being: where can people find your work?

What has happened in the last 2 years?

  1. Immi the Vegan was published as a web series. Yay! All that work paid off.
  2. Immi the Vegan was turned into a movie. How? (you might ask) Simple. We just edited the episodes together into one big file, and whallah! A movie.

3. The movie won “Best Life Style Feature” and “Audience Award” at the Adelaide Vegan Film Festival, and “Best Feature” at the Franklin Film Festival.

Harley Neville (left, producer) and Guy Pigden (right, director)

4. Immi the Vegan was picked up by Amazon Prime. You watch the movie here.

5. I started a PhD in Creative Writing (to be specific, writing a novel while also researching “non-human agencies in comic apocalypse narratives within climate fiction”, and then after 18 months I decided not to continue. Cool story, eh?

6. I’ve had four poems published — in the Kiwi Diary, Poetry NZ, and Mayhem Journal.

7. I very recently bought a house with my partner Steve, out in West Auckland. No longer can I ponder life while peering out at a grimy inner-city street full of construction and drunks. It’s all trees and families and crickets now.

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