Free Iron

14 Oct

I don’t know how, but I somehow missed the publication of my story Free Iron by over a month. Whoops! And in fact (and this is slightly embarrassing, but hey, who doesn’t do it?!) it was only because I googled my own name today to see what would come up, that I found it. Which goes to show that googling yourself is a worthwhile thing to do.

So here it is – my flash fiction piece Free Iron, published by Everyday Fiction. Short and sweet, and slightly creepy.

This is the first time I’ve published through Everyday Fiction. For those who enjoy writing flash fiction, I would absolutely recommend sending stories through to them. Their readers put a lot of thought into their comments, and give helpful feedback, so that even if your story isn’t accepted you have some ideas about how to improve it. I’ve also had a lot of fun perusing their past publications – each story different, but same in one crucial way: they are short!



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