About me!

29 Oct

I’d been putting off creating an “About Me” page because, well, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable writing about myself in such a cold and factual fashion. Each time I’m asked to submit a bio along with a piece of my work, I deliberate on it for ages. I write “I.K. Paterson-Harkness lives in Auckland”, then delete it, then write it back in, and then sit there scratching my head, wondering what else to include. What counts as being important? Does anyone care that I taught logic for several years, or that I was once told by a doctor to stop eating so much curry? Is it interesting that I knit plastic bags together, or that I got a tattoo of a garlic plant only to find out soon afterwards that I am intolerant to garlic? Is it better to make a joke of myself (which is far easier), or be all wanky (proud?) about my achievements? I actually have no idea… and I just plain don’t like any of it.

BUT – I knew I ought to write something about myself (since this is what bloggers and writers do, you see), so I’ve created an About Me page. Click on the link, and learn something new and exciting.


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