Sir Julius Vogel award nomination, and more!

16 Mar

I’m excited to say that my story ‘In a World Full of Birds’ has been nominated for a Sir Julius Vogel Award this year (‘Best Novella of 2013’), which will be voted on at Conclave 2, NZ’s 35th Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention. I’m not just happy because my story was nominated, but because it now gives me a good excuse to be involved in the convention – held this year in Grey Lynn, Auckland, on ANZAC weekend. I’ve already signed up for the one-day writing workshop. Thank you to whomever nominated me.

2014-03-16-212906(Note the Au Contraire certificate behind me, awarded at last year’s convention!)

In other news, you can check out my story ‘Awake’, recently published in Liquid Imagination’s February 2014 issue. Liquid Imagination are an on-line literary journal, and you can read my story here. Some of the line breaks are a bit screwy, but meh, never mind.

Here are some photos taken of our Tiritiri Matangi performance. What a beautiful place to be playing music.

tiritiri gigtiritiri gig 2It’s always good when someone dances. You can see more photos here.

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