Runner Up!

1 Nov

Recently I submitted a drabble* to a SpecFicNZ** Halloween drabble competition.

* For those who aren’t familiar with the term ‘drabble’ it refers to a very short story (a piece of ‘flash fiction’ even – there’s another term for you) of exactly 100 words.

** For those who aren’t familiar with SpecFicNZ you can check them out here:

Yesterday the winners were announced, and I learned I was runner up. I feel quite chuffed.

My story is called Old Trick, are here it is:

Hallow knelt by the grate and watched the paper burn, the words written in careful cursive script turning to ash. As the kindling caught he heard a knock at the door. Damn kids always came too early. He waved a hand and the front door swung inwards.

“Give us the trick, mist -” the smallest began, words freezing solid.

Hallow unfurled himself – thankfully his peers were too dead to see how slow he’d gotten  – and held up a bony hand. Flame leaped towards his body in a fiery arc, then fizzled out. Hallow sighed.

“TRICK!” he shouted, and the kids scampered.

One Response to “Runner Up!”

  1. Ronny Growler November 4, 2013 at 9:15 pm #

    Cool Immi. I dig. Must be hard to be so precise.

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